the surroundings

The surrounding

In addition to the pleasant stay for relaxation, or to make a claim of spa treatments, guests can play a countless number of activities
Trekking in nature, horseback riding or mountain biking … Excursions, tours and excursions.
Below we suggest a series of links that you can refer to follow events in the program, so that your stay with us is also accompanied by pleasant memories of art and not only …

1 ameliaAMELIA (TR)

Among the various attractions of this town, you can not ‘give up Farrattini Palace: from the mid-sixteenth century, is the largest of the aristocratic residence Amerini the area. Petrignani Palace and the Palace Naccisi can both admire Piazza Marconi together with the loggia of the Auctioneers with clock and bell tower and the Cathedral, built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, destroyed and rebuilt in 1600.

3 terniTERNI (Marmore Falls)

Terni was born into a large plain where the river Serra and the Black River meet. Of his past holds monuments such as the Church of San Salvatore or the Romanesque Cathedral, a visit to the Indispensable Marmore Falls: a few kilometers from the city center, you will be spectators of one of the most grandiose nature offers; created by the Romans to drain the river Velino.


Do not miss a visit to the Church (or collegiate) of Santa Maria Assunta, mentioned in every book of the history of art, a jewel of Romanesque architecture of the eleventh century, the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, built in 1228 to honor miracle of the Holy performed in Lugnano, ordering a duck to save the son of a woman kidnapped by a wolf. The Town Hall of Lugnano houses the Antiquarium, an interesting museum with finds from the Roman Villa of Poggio Gramignano.


To visit the Church of the Santissima Annunziata (Kiosk Toscolano), the Medieval Castle of Sismano and always near the village of Avigliano Umbro arise Dunarobba, where you can visit the Renaissance fortress, and especially the fossil forest Dunarobba of great natural and scientific interest.

4 orvietoORVIETO

Perfect harmony between Orvieto and the tuff cliff on which it is born. Beautiful town, a favorite destination for those seeking a quality tourism Orvieto offers its visitors a rich historical, artistic, gastronomic and environmental. Stroll the streets of the city is to take a journey through the three millennia of history: at each point are found traces of the past. The tour could start from the Cathedral and then continue with the Rock and St. Patrick’s Well.

5 todiTODI

Elegant medieval town, a place among the most fascinating Umbria, Todi is austere and melancholy on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful valley of the Tiber. In Piazza del Popolo, the ancient seat of the Roman forum, you can visit the main monuments of Todi: the Duomo, the Palazzo dei Priori, the Captain’s Palace and the Palace of the People.

6 spoletoSPOLETO (PG)

There are many places to visit, you can start from the majestic Rocca Albornoz overlooking the city, The Tower Bridge, which joins the Rock and Monteluco. This bridge is impressive and unique: 230 meters long and 82 high. The Roman Theatre (first century. AD), still used for various shows and performances. In the Cathedral square between the things to be seen in the Cathedral of Santa Spoleto there is absolutely Maria Assunta.

6 perugiaPERUGIA

Perugia is a little gem that slowly unfolds before the eyes of the visitors. The Umbrian town houses art treasures and monuments that bear witness to the rich history and do justice to the cultural primacy of our country. From the National Gallery to Etruscan Well, the Oratory of San Bernardino to Corso Vannucci and much more

bevagna02BEVAGNA (PG)

A ride around the city walls, once entered for one of the medieval gates still well preserved, we start from Piazza Filippo Silvestri onto which the Gothic Palazzo dei Consoli that since 1886 it also hosts the Torti theatre(a gem that can accommodate only 140 seats). The Romanesque churches of San Silvestro (1100 AD) and St. Michael the Archangel (1100 AD).

bomarzoBOMARZO (VT)

In Lazio, wonderful land by the three existences: Etruscan, Roman and Medieval, Bomarzo shares the glory of an illustrious history and possesses a unique book of its kind in the world: The Villa of Wonders“, renamed as “Monster Park”. These sculptures carved in large blocks of stone rooted therein will appear from the ground as fate prodigy. All of the sixteenth century (1552).