Wellness activity


For those who do not even have the time to indulge in a relaxing bath, runs round the clock and constantly folding on quick shower, ignore, however, the practice of Mandj Lulur is a real bathing ritual, from none other than the court real Java. Start with a kind of massage practiced with a silk scarf. The body, well laid back, is then sprinkled with rice flour and essential oils to cleanse the skin. After a wrap scented follow various steps in the turkish bath, finally a wrap restorative yogurt. A real dream. The Asian culture considers very important the desire to be beautiful and do not consider it an exercise in futility. The beauty is not only important to ‘outside but also inside; For this reason, it is sought after each treatment associated with the search for inner peace. Taking the time to indulge in beauty treatments, the individual helps himself to get back in touch with your body. The Mandj Lulur falls within the scope of these treatments rewarding and has been practiced in the Javanese palaces, from the 17th century. This process is an exfoliation and body polishing that leaves the skin soft, supple and shiny

HOT STONE MASSAGE The hot stone massage is a massage with hot or cold lava, basalt or volcanic stones, that are applied on the body to achieve important results such as reducing rheumatic or muscular pain, back pain, insomnia and depression. Causes a general feeling of well-being that is also reflected on the spirit. It is a technique that incorporates the ancient customs of the Native Americans, Egyptians and the Sumerians who had discovered the healing ability of the stones, able to acquire or release heat: massage can indeed be made with hot or cold stones. In massage with hot stones are usually used of lava stones heated in water at 65-70 °. On the part to be treated is first applied oil to prepare the skin. The hot stone will continue to release heat until it has cooled down and will be replaced with another warm. The treatment is indicated for muscle pain, back pain, depression and insomnia. It is not recommended for those suffering from problems of capillary fragility, which can take advantage of massage with cold stones. This type of massage is the use of white stones such as quartz, cooled in ice and serves to tone and stimulate the circulatory system and especially the muscles

THE TURKISH BATH The turkish bath, which differs from the sauna as it is characterized by a highly humid environment, it is good for the health and beauty of our body as it promotes the elimination of toxins and waste in the skin layers due to sweating induced by steam vapor and temperature (about 44 °) and high humidity (100%). The benefits also affect health, especially for those who experience breathing problems. The vasodilation induced by wet steam facilitates the expulsion of toxins through the skin, lungs and kidneys. The turkish bath increases the response capacity of the immune system and lymphatic system, preventing possible infectious diseases. The relaxing atmosphere helps to fight stress and tension, helping to improve the physical appearance and efficiency of the organism. After a turkish bath, the skin is purified, bright, soft and supple. There are no contraindications to the use of this purifying bath, which is therefore indicated for individuals of all ages. Subject to any special instructions from your doctor, you can do it every day. Before making a turkish bath, it is a good idea to rub the skin with a horsehair glove: This eliminates dead skin cells and prepares the skin for treatment.

1. To avoid dehydration, drink at least one or two glasses of water before entering the turkish bath.
2. Avoid eating too much or immediately before entering the steam room, because the intense heat interferes with circulation and digestion.
3. Taking a shower before entering the room of turkish bath, so as to prepare the body to dive into the steam.
4. Leaving out slippers, costumes and towels.
5. Rinse your seat with water.
6. Whenever possible, do not stand only 12 to 18 minutes at a time, in order not to subject the body to excessive thermal stress.
7. Soon as you exit take a warm shower.
8. Before moving to another activity such as tub or pool, make sure that the body is returned to room temperature, not to risk any unpleasant illnesses related to circulation. If possible, avoid entering the steam room with a stomach totally empty or too full. A nice hot shower prepares the body at higher temperatures, opens the pores and promotes muscle relaxation.
Just before entering, dry completely to facilitate the subsequent sweating. Inside the turkish bath you can not get with swimsuit and towel and requires full nudity. As the body gets used to the new conditions, the breathing becomes slow and regular, and there is an increasing feeling of calm. The best location to take in the steam bath is sitting or lying seeds. If the heat would seem unbearable, it is good to cool off from time to time with the special shower with fresh water. To understand when is the right time to exit the turkish bath, you must learn to listen to your body and avoid overstay the first perception of discomfort. Once you have completed the process, warm shower and rest, maybe even a short nap ….. you will wake up and to feel reborn